How to Make Money Online Typing From Home

Knowing ways in which you can make money by typing from home can help you increase your earnings. Regardless of your skills and qualifications, finding a typing job that suits you can significantly improve your career prospects and work-life balance. Working in a job that requires typing can be a positive career move, but it requires research and practice. In this article, we discuss some of the fields where you can make money through typing.

What is a typing job?
An online typing job is a job where the employee or collaborator’s main responsibility is inputting various types of data by using the computer’s keyboard, the virtual keyboard of a smartphone, tablet or other devices with internet access, or by using speech to text convert software on any device that is connected to the internet. Online typing jobs are a relatively new phenomenon that has appeared and developed thanks to the rapid expansion of the internet and the widespread availability of internet-ready devices.

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Top fields in which you can make money by typing
Here are seven fields that typically have job openings for online employees of collaborators and that require typing.

1. Data entry
Working in data entry is usually the most basic form of making money through typing, which also means it tends to be the least paid. However, the fact that there are no experience or educational requirements makes it an appropriate place to start making money online by typing. The only skills required are basic computer and typing skills. The job itself consists of adding data from an external file into the company’s system or into a spreadsheet. In some situations, you also need to verify the data and advanced data entry roles also involve performing research.

The main requirement is to own a personal or laptop computer with a keyboard and high-speed internet connection. It also may require basic knowledge of popular office software applications. Data entry is typically a very repetitive domain, so it may become increasingly difficult to find the right motivation after a period of time. However, it is an appropriate place to start on your way to other online typing jobs.

2. Transcription
A transcriptionist is tasked with listening to audio recordings and typing the discussions they hear. Those working in transcription jobs need to be able to identify multiple voices on a recording, understand their words through the background noise and be able to transcribe words spoken in different accents. Transcriptionists are usually very good typists, as quick typing can save you much time in this profession. They also need to be very precise and error-free in their work, with some typist jobs, such as those in the medical or legal professions, sometimes requiring certification.

Aside from an internet-connected device with a keyboard, a transcriptionist also needs a pair of headphones. Most transcriptionist jobs pay per transcribed hour of audio, so improving your typing speed can increase your earnings.

3. Medical and legal transcription
Unlike general transcription jobs, those handling highly technical and specialized fields usually require certification that proves their knowledge in the respective fields. Professionals who transcribe a physician or legal professional’s dictation need to have extensive knowledge of the terms used, mainly because even minor errors in these fields can have severe consequences.

4. Virtual assistance
Working in a virtual assistant job typically involves performing multiple tasks for a single client, depending on their particular needs. Some of the most often performed tasks are data entry, performing research, creating spreadsheets from previously acquired data, planning schedules, managing social media profiles, translating various documents, performing customer service tasks, answering emails and others. Virtual assistance requires constant learning and adapting, but the wide variety of potential tasks makes the field of virtual assistance appropriate for those who lose motivation when performing a single repetitive task.

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5. Micro task jobs
Micro tasks are various tasks that are typically simple and do not require much time to complete but cannot be automated. Some of these may be related to transcribing small audio files, updating a price list, identifying various objects in a video clip or photograph, writing a short paragraph and others. The best place to find micro-tasks is on microtask job websites.

Aside from a device with high-speed internet and a keyboard, the additional equipment and software needed usually depends on the micro job that you are planning to perform. For example, updating a price list typically requires a software application that allows you to edit spreadsheet files.

6. Captioning
Captioning is similar to transcribing, as they both consist of listening to an audio file and typing what you hear. However, captioning does not consist of simply making transcription documents but instead requires you to create video content captions for people with hearing difficulties or for those who prefer to watch videos with low volume or the sound off. Also, unlike transcription, captioning also involves adding more details to the document, like details regarding background noises or people chatting inaudibly.

Most captioning jobs involve a pre-recorded video file of various origins, such as TV programs, movies, lectures, shows and others. There are also real-time captioners who caption live programs, such as news bulletins and sports. The latter can be significantly more challenging because you need to deliver accurate captions in a matter of seconds after the words are spoken and there is no possibility to rewind and have a second listen.

7. Captcha typing
Captchas are the letters that you need to type correctly before creating a website account or filling an online form. Captcha typing basically consists of typing the words from different types of images that can’t be automatically recognized. Captcha typists are usually paid a certain amount for every 1,000 solved captchas. It is a relatively low-paid typing job, but it requires little skill and it is not performed under any pressure. Also, it may be important to check what the paying company is doing with the solved captchas, as they may be performing illegal activities.

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